We aim to provide the Irish market with SEO services of the highest quality.

Through a special arrangement, we have access to a team of SEO professionals that have delivered consistent results for a number of clients across a wide range of industries. If you require advice on search engine optimization right now, email us at info@xi8seo.com

A quick description of SEO ( for more detailed information, read our full SEO starters guide here )

SEO is absolutely necessary if you require high rankings in the natural search results of the world’s biggest search engines, google, yahoo and bing. With first page rankings for industry keywords that describe your business and products, you can get more leads and sales. This is what effective SEO can achieve for you.

The good things about natural search engine traffic are that it is free ( apart from what you pay your SEO agency, that is ), and the rankings can often last long after you’ve finished paying for your campaign. Your return on investment can therefore continue to rise month on month for no additional outlay, unlike many other forms of marketing.

Good search engine optimization consists of keyword selection, on page optimisation, and backlink development.

The Irish SEO marketplace

The search engine optimization market in Ireland is fragmented. It is largely dominated by independent consultants, most of whom operate their SEO businesses on a part time basis.

Needless to say, this is less than ideal for the businessperson who wants to see results from a committed team of full time search engine optimisation specialists.

The larger companies that offer search engine optimisation services in Ireland tend to come from a web development, coding or software background. Pricing can be high with these companies, and even though they appear to have a high level of expertise, they often lack skill in key areas, such as organic link building and SEO copywriting.

Why hire Xi8 SEO?

Xi8 SEO is different – we specialize in every aspect of SEO, have a robust team of full time SEO specialists, and offer pricing that is more competitive than other large digital marketing agencies and franchises.

One of our main talents is our ability to use our knowledge of direct response marketing and copywriting to make your site more appealing to your visitors and to search engines that now take bounce rates and average time on site statistics into account when deciding where to rank your site.

Our specialists are available via e-mail, telephone and live chat to give you honest, clear cut advice and first rate SEO services that work.

We deliver results as our techniques and strategies are based on the latest research. Our results in 2015 are as strong as ever, due to the fact that we have some of the most diligent and energetic SEO experts in the world on board.

Our approach to our clients

Nobody involved with Xi8 SEO cuts corners or takes unnecessary risks with your website, and we insist that no other SEO work is carried out by our clients as this may compromise your site’s rankings.

Please note, we perform a backlink analysis of every site we work on, in advance. Our services are subject to approval, and we will not work on any site that has existing backlinks of poor quality.

If you would like to know if we can help you, then contact one of the friendly Xi8 team members today – info@xi8seo.com

Please note: negative SEO is unfortunately now a reality. If a competitor performs negative SEO on your site, a penalty could result. We always monitor all off site activity and will report any suspicious links to our clients.

Important! Understanding the major search engines

Before you hire any search engine optimization company, including us, you really need to have a basic understanding of search engine technology.

The top search engines in the world are google, yahoo, ask and bing. Google has the largest share of the market, with some sources suggesting that it dominates 80% plus of the market.

It is important to realize that each search engine ranks pages according to a different set of algorithms. It is not always possible to rank equally well in all three ( or even two out of the three ) main search engines, so most people opt for a google focused search engine optimisation campaign.

Google places great emphasis on the relevance of its search results, and has been working hard recently to develop strong anti-spam measures. The famous google penguin update of 2012 focused on removing over-optimized websites from the first page of the search results, with many websites facing severe penalties for aggressive link building. Modern SEO must be carried executed with due care and consideration.

The penguin updates continue to be rolled out, as google refines the algorithm for optimal relevance and content quality to the end user. It is possible for good quality websites to be affected by the google algorithms, however, which emphasizes the need to have an SEO team that understands how to improve and enhance your rankings without taking risks that can often result in an over-optimisation penalty.

Search engine technology is both complex and secret for the most part, so nobody outside of the engineers and management teams at google, bing or yahoo really know exactly how their search algorithms work.

However, diligent SEO professionals keep constant watch on the latest developments, and carefully monitor new algorithms, noting their affect on search engine rankings and general SEO practice.

Working with SEO professionals

The Xi8 SEO team members have a pretty clear understanding of how the main search engine algorithms work, and what kind of SEO strategies are working now. We are also keenly aware of any changes in the algorithms, and we act fast to adjust the strategies used in our campaigns when the need arises.

It is vital that your SEO methods are up to date and as safe as possible. For this to be the case, you must employ only the best qualified search engine optimisation specialists.

But how does SEO really work in 2015? Do the old strategies still work?

Modern SEO – subtlety beats aggression?

Pre 2012, an aggressive approach to link building was almost universally effective. In fact, before the google penguin updates, the concept of being penalized for off page factors, such as the type of backlinks pointing back to your site, was basically unheard of.

Things are altogether different now, though. It is a very real possibility that you will receive a penalty if you build too many links of questionable quality, or even if you build high quality links that are over-optimised. Google is particularly concerned with the anchor text of your links, as well as how you have obtained them.

If your anchor text distribution is uneven, as is the case when a high percentage of keyword anchor text links are created, or if you get a high volume of links very quickly,your site’s rankings could be in serious jeopardy. Automated software that creates backlinks on autopilot is a particularly dangerous. Manipulating the search engine results in this way is against google’s rules – it really is that simple.

The real problem is the fact that many SEO agencies are still employing aggressive tactics – with their own websites and those of their clients. Sharp SEO practices can still produce results, particularly in the short term, which is why extreme caution is recommended when choosing an SEO company. Rankings that only last a few weeks before your website gets hit with a penalty from which it will never recover is not what you want as an intelligent, forward thinking business owner. Cheap SEO consultants seldom represent good value for money in the long run.

A more subtle approach to SEO is essential these days if sustainable results are to be achieved. You must acquire links that are high quality, and white hat – slowly. The links must contain a very low percentage of keyword rich anchor text, and the entire process must appear to be natural and organic.

It may take longer to get high search engine positioning when you construct and execute an intelligent SEO plan properly, and it may also cost more, but in terms of modern SEO, slow and steady really does win the race.

Getting high rankings through aggressive SEO that last for a few months or weeks isn’t that difficult – many amateur SEOs can do it. Obtaining high rankings that are sustainable is very difficult – only skilled and experienced professionals can make it happen for you.

It is important to note, however, that there is no absolutely risk free way to do SEO, and there are no cast iron guarantees.

Ask yourself this, though: if you could get top five positioning in google within in six weeks with a 90% risk of an over-optimisation penalty, or  a top 5 position within five months, with a 0.5% chance of a penalty, which would you choose?

The answer to the above question will determine who you select to do your SEO campaigns, and whether or not you can be successful with search engine marketing. Our advice is to think carefully about the answer before you employ any SEO or SEM firm.

If you want top rankings without having to live in the shadow of a dreaded google slap, then contact Xi8 SEO today for more information on our services.